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What Is Spiritual ?
To Begin we can define as opposites...
Spiritual and Material

Spiritual requires Consciousness
Material is made of Molecules

If your current viewpoint is that
Spiriuality and Consciousness are Primary Reality
to this page

Not sure how you feel?
or perhaps you've assumed
Molecules and Matter must be Primary Reality?

Spiritual or Material
Two Polar opposites for Viewing the Universe


Life & Consciousness
originate from Matter and Molecules

Matter and Molecules
are the Creation of Consciousness!

Which of these is Primary
is actually up to you to decide

Re-Think the assumptions that shape your Mind

Is it possible that Consciousness is the Primary Reality?

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Our Inner Guide
In this writing the venerable Sage reveals a connection shared by so many of us. That, of an inner guide or voice of reason. For those of us experienced with this, there is No Escaping the certain and genuine real-ness of Inner Spirituality.