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The Method of Science
How we arrive at facts
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Audio Intro (while reading)

Science is a method.
A process where our logical reason can lead us closer to real Truth
The evolution of Science is yet in its infancy within our Culture and Civilization.
To this point, science seems to tell us that all reality comes from matter and molecules.

That somehow;
the elements eventually organized themselves in such a way
as to have created the illusion of consciousness.

The following video represents a majority but not all current scientific views

In fairness, it is possible that a different view of reality may be true.

Matter Creates Conciousness
Consciousness creates Matter

Listen to an audio summary while reviewing this information

If we step back to look at the Big Picture.

We can see there is the real possibility
that an assumption has been made.

Perhaps, Consciousness was the Initial Reality.

And the Universe of Matter was created by that.

Consider; when science, over time, continues to inspect the molecular universe

it finds molecules are made of atoms, which in turn are made of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.

These are in turn are made of Quarks

The closer we look, the more we find seemingly endless Sub particles within particles.

The point is; perhaps this never-ending deflation of matter is due to Consciousness being The Primary Reality.

Both Consciousness and Matter require one another in order to be real to any degree!

The pursuit of knowledge regarding the building blocks of matter is essential. It might help to gain a more objective Viewpoint of Totality, by reconsidering which created which.

It is possible that they created each other. Isn't it?

So, if Consciousness is the primary reality,
Spirituality becomes a science of its own. Yes?
Not a science of seeking ghosts or paranormal,
But a science of discovering
Spiritual Health and Fitness.

Discovering Spiritual Fitness and developing practices,
which promote this type of health
Is a Top Priority for any Culture or Civilization
who hope to survive the complex and
challenging world we have today!

Which is the Primary Reality may ultimately seem irrelevant as we consider that without Matter, Consciousness has nothing of which to be conscious. Just as Matter has little basis for reality if there was nothing conscious to know it exists.

However, To live as though our consciousness is some illusion created by molecules certainly leaves our minds without true beauty and fullness. Isn't it?
Here begins Spirituality.

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