A discussion by the venerable Sri Aurobindo

God Within, Our Angel,
Our Inner Guide

In proportion, as this contact
(with Our Guide) establishes itself,
the Student and Seeker
must become conscious that a force other than their own,
a force transcending their egoistic endeavor and capacity
is at work in them.

And to this power they learn progressively to submit themselves,...

In the end, their own will and force
becomes one with the Higher Power;
merging them in the Divine Will
and its transcendent and universal force.

The Student finds Their Guide
thenceforward presiding over the necessary transformation
of their mental, vital and physical being with an
Impartial Wisdom and provident effectivness
of which the ego is not capable.

When the Human ego learns to trust itself
to that which transcends it, that
is then its salvation.......

The Inner Guide, a World Teacher,
destroys our individual darkness by the
resplendent light of Its Knowledge.

That Light becomes within us,
the increasing Glory of Gods own Self-Revelation.

The Inner Guide is often veiled at first
by the very intensity of our own personal effort
and by the ego's preoccupation with itself and its' aims.

As we gain in clarity,
and as the turmoil of egoistic effort gives place
to a calmer self-knowledge,
we begin to recognize the source of the light within us.
We feel the inner presence of a supreme Friend...
Parent, or Teacher.
We recognize this presence in the essence of our being
as we develop into the likeness of,
and a oneness with a greater and wider reality,

for we perceive ....
that this miraculous development
is NOT the result of our own efforts,
but that an Eternal Perfection is molding us into
Its' Own Image.

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